Vertical blinds

The Model 5100 vertical blinds system utilizes a single 110VAC motor to operate both rotation and traversing functions. While the motor is relatively small, it will handle up to 70 pounds of vane weight.

The system may be ordered with the motor mounted to the rear of the track at either end. The maximum allowable vane weight per carrier is 1.5 pounds each. The maximum number of carriers per track is 60. The maximum recommended track size using 3.5” vanes is 180”.

The system features a white head rail, with spring-loaded, individual clutch control carriers. Vanes of 3.5” and 5” can be accommodated. Wall mounting brackets with projections for the appropriate vane size are included in the system price (one for each 24 inches). When the track is to be ceiling mounted, the track is pre drilled for mounting screws to pass directly through the track.