Horizontal Blinds

The Model 8000 horizontal blind lift and tilt system features a single 110VAC motor for both functions. A 2.5” x 2.5” head rail (192” maximum width) is used to contain a motorized shaft and reel system that effortlessly lifts up to 200 square feet of aluminum slats with a flat tape, rather than cords.

Available for 1” or 2” aluminum slats or 2” wood slats. Limit switches are adjustable for top and bottom positions. Your COM blind is integrated into the Model 8000 system. Perforated slats cannot be motorized. Note that just as with manual blinds, any blind over 120” in length will not have complete tilt closure.

The Model 8000 is compatible with the S-DEC5 five position (center off) combination momentary-maintained switch, infrared or radio frequency wireless remote control (receivers concealed within head rail) or home automation systems.